The Unlocked Project: Humanity & Hope United

Help build a home with Humanity and Hope United by purchasing a Hope Lives in Us Refocus Band set!

We are shaking things up a little in this installment of The Unlocked Project.  We are offering a double Refocus Band set for the unique price of $16.64. We figured a special mission required a special price.  See, 50% of the proceeds of this limited Unlocked Project Refocus Band will help @humanityandhope build a house for a family in Honduras.  We have created only 1,000 of these bands which means if we sell every single one of them, together we have been able to fund the building of one house! How cool is that?!

This special Wear one, Share one HOPE LIVES IN US Refocus Band Set is our latest collaboration for The Unlocked Project with the organization Humanity and Hope United.  They are a non-profit dedicated to empowering the people of Honduras through self-directed, sustainable change in infrastructure, economy, community, health, education, and leadership.  They partner with villages to achieve sustainable change, focusing on the needs of individuals rather than a single issue or approach. This approach shows that hope can be contagious and when people invest their talents in making others’ lives better, hope will spread.

We were introduced to this amazing organization through Riley Fuller, the President and co- founder of Humanity & Hope, who found his calling to give back during a family mission trip in 2007 to Honduras.  It was during this trip that he realized he was living a self serving existence and needed to use what he had been given to help others. 

Please take the time to learn more about Hope and Humanity United and we hope you purchase this special HOPE LIVES IN US Refocus Band to help us build a home together!

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