Get to Know the Team: Mandy Johnson, Brand Strategist

La Cle is the Motivational Brand you need to keep your mindset right all year long.

You may know a thing or two about each of us here at La Clé but we thought it best to introduce ourselves and catch you up with what is going on in our worlds! 

This week we would like to introduce Mandy, our Brand Strategist.

So, Mandy, where are you from? Springfield, Virginia.

Any siblings? I have an older brother who now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and their two adorable nuggets.

Where did you go to school? James Madison University. Go Dukes!

What do you like to do for fun? I’m a big fitness fanatic.  Invite me to any workout class and I’m there!  I also love paddle boarding, hanging out with friends and am constantly listening to Oprah’s Soul Sessions Podcast.

Favorite Food? French Fries. And I mean any French Fry.  Don't put yours near me, I will eat them all.

Early Bird or Night Owl? I’d say i'm a very Early Bird.  I’m usually done with my workouts before the sun comes up.  Makes me feel like I can conquer the day (and I can't make excuses later on in the day to not go)!

What is your role at La Cle? I am the brand strategist which means I help develop, implement and manage our marketing and public relations strategies.  I also oversee shipping so every Refocus Band or piece of apparel you receive has gone through my hands!

What’s your favorite Refocus Band? The first band I ever wore was the Noah Galloway “No Excuses” Band.  It was actually how I learned about the brand and how I ended up working here full time!

What are you most excited for coming up with La Cé? I love gearing up for the holidays and knowing that there will be a whole bunch of new people getting gifted a La Clé item like a beanie or a Refocus Band!  Makes me happy knowing someone else will get the little boost they need to become their best self going into the new year. We also have some pretty cool new products coming out soon!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about us! 

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