6 Ways to Improve Your Reaction in Any Situation

This motivational bracelet is a tool to help you choose how you react in any situation.

Everything happens for you and not to you.  This is a phrase that is so much easier said than done, right? We are often quick to react when we are frustrated or upset but if you can stop for a second and CHOOSE HOW YOU REACT you will be surprised how much more you can accomplish and how much better you will feel.

Along with wearing your REFLEX BAND as a reminder to slow down before reacting there are a few other tips we like to live by when not wanting to overact.  Here ya go…

1.Take a Deep Breath. Whenever we get all out of sorts the first thing that changes is our breath.  We often hold our breath or we start to breath heavy when we get worked up. It is by stopping to take a deep breath that you calm yourself down which will allow clarity and more rational insight into why you are getting all out of sorts.

2. Get Some Perspective.  How you look at a situation can totally change your reaction to it.  Try and find the good in what is happening even if it’s a learning lesson and not a desirable outcome.

3. Think About the Consequences.  In the heat of the moment you may not be thinking of the consequences of how you are reacting.  Words are powerful and can cause some serious damage if not thought through before blurting out.  Take a moment (while you are taking those deeps breaths) to make sure you understand the results of your reaction.

4. Have a Calming Mantra.  Stress is no good so when you feel overwhelmed in a situation just remove yourself for a bit and repeat a calming mantra.  This can be as simple as asking for a few minutes, sitting down closing your eyes and repeating to yourself “I Choose How I React”.  It really can be anything you want but make sure to feel the words you are saying and then once you feel more like yourself again, go face the problem at hand with a more enlightened mind.

5. Empathize.  The phrase “Kill them with kindness” or “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar” all rattle through our mind when we think about empathizing with others. When you can step into someone else's shoes or understand the stress that they may be under you begin to have more empathy for the current situation.  Use that empathy to hone in your reaction to the problem or confrontation you are facing and you will not feel nearly as angry or overwhelmed. Trust us.

6. Look at the Big Picture.  Is this really worth making you upset? We bet 9 out of 10 times it is totally not.  Step back and look at the big picture and boom baby, your reaction will be a whole lot more inspirational than confrontational.  

Hope these tips help! Let us know by commenting below!! We hope the new REFLEX Band helps you be the best version of you in any situation.