The Best Mother’s Day Gift under $10

The Best Mother's Day gift to inspire and motivate.

First off, it’s May?!  When did that happen? Second, it’s almost Mother’s Day?!  How does that creep up on us EVERY YEAR?! Truth is nothing feels worse than rushing to the local grocery store to buy mom picked over roses.  Not this year, because that darling lady who raised you deserves a little bit more than discounted florals. We got you covered.

Refocus Bands are a great gift for mom since she can not only wear it and think of you (her favorite child) but she will also get that boost of motivation and positivity that she so deserves.  They are also amazing for the new momma who may need a little bit of inspiration to get her through those long nights.

While all the La Clé Refocus Bands would be great for mom, we selected our favorite top 5 including our newest band; the RESEMBLE BAND.

5. REAFFIRM BAND - “It’s not easy but it’s worth it”

Perfect for the new momma who is living off coffee and baby snuggles.  Those long nights are not easy but man, those nights are so worth it.

4. REFRESH BAND - “Speak Kindly to Yourself"

Momming ain’t easy and sometimes they can question all their decisions and “am I doing this right?” so this little reminder to speak kindly to themselves is the little dose of daily love they need.

3. READJUST BAND - “Have a little Patience”

We know moms have super-hero patience levels from handling toddlers to their hard headed thirty somethings but sometimes even super woman needs a reminder that it will all work out if you just wait it out.

2. RESPOND BAND - “One Day at a Time”

Motherhood is unbelievably rewarding but can be trying some days.  On those days that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows this bracelet reminds you just to take it one day at a time because it always works out and you always rise to the occasion.

1. RESEMBLE BAND - “Lead by Example”

Who run the world? GIRLS.  Our mom is our first teacher and friend and it’s their example that we followed from the get-go.  While we may not always have mom by our side, this reminder teaches us that we were led by her example and it is up to us to be an example for generations to come.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas out there!  Thank you for being our favorite examples and best friends.