Learn How to Become Fearless: An Event by One Woman

Learn how our experience was at the One Woman Summit

We are all the hero of our own story.  Those are the words that the keynote speaker Mpumi Nobiva left us with as we ended an amazing day of inspiration and motivation at the Fearless Women’s Summit in Arlington, Virginia.

La Cle was honored to be invited as an attendee of this incredible event dedicated to women who are fearless in the pursuit of the life they want.  It was a day of fellowship and community with several women providing tips and advice on how they overcame adversity and hardships to now be living the life they once dreamed about.  It was powerful to be in a room with like minded women who are in discovery of self development and wanting to become the best version of themselves to achieve their highest goals.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an event like this, don’t hesitate and go!  Trust me, it’s hard for me to break past the uncomfortable “but I don’t know anyone” thoughts but let me tell you, these are the rooms you want to walk into.  The energy alone draws you in and everyone there is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn something new, opportunity to make a new friend and the opportunity to change a life.  

Like, Mpumi told us. We are the hero of our own story and it is the choices we make each day that help lead us to new characters, new events and ultimately new chapters in that story.  So, become the hero of your own story and get out there!

Speakers at the Fearless Women’s Summit to Check out:

Mpumi Nobiva

Carole Stizza

Robin Meyers

Lena Cohen

Cynthia Battino

Jennifer Seven

Jennifer DiMotta

Tracy Shawn

Cindy Johnson

Angie Ates

Cindy Montgenie

Fearless Women’s Summit: https://onewoman.ca/