The 2019 La Clé Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift for Everyone on Your List

The 2019 La Clé Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gift for Everyone on Your List

Tis’ the season to share positivity!  The holiday gift lists are being created and you are figuring out what stores to hit come Black Friday or what deals are ahead for Cyber Monday aren’t ya? Well, my friend, we have the perfect list to cover all your family and friends this Holiday Season.  Check out our La Cle Holiday Gift Guide!

For the Co-Worker: "Believe You Can and You Will" or "Start by Doing Just One Thing"

You spend so much time with your co-workers.  Often they know more about you than some of your closest friends.  Show them how much you appreciate them by gifting them our REVAMP or REWARD Refocus Band.

To Buy REVAMP Refocus Band:
To Buy REWARD Refocus Band:

For the Mother-in-law: "I am the Storm" or "Make Good Things Happen"

Notoriously a hard person to shop for aren’t they? Not anymore.  With our REASSURE or REDIRECT Refocus Band you will make your mother-in-law feel all warm and tingly inside from how much you appreciate them.  Both of these bands will make them want to go out and conquer the world!

To Buy REASSURE Refocus Band:
To Buy REDIRECT Refocus Band:

For the Tween: "You are Capable of Amazing Things" or "Speak Kindly to Yourself"

Tween gift shopping almost always ends with them instantly asking if you have the receipt. We get it. They have a very specific taste.  That is why they will be gushing over their Refocus Band this Holiday when they find it in their stocking. The REDISCOVER or REFRESH Band are some of our favorites (and they also come in mini size too)!

To Buy REDISCOVER Refocus Band:
To Buy REFRESH Refocus Band:

For the Mom: "Progress Not Perfection" or "Close Your Eyes and Take a Deep Breath"

Moms do it all and they need a very big pat on the back after tackling this Holiday season.  That is where the RELEASE and RELAX Refocus Band come into play. They will love the extra thought you took to get them such a special gift.

To Buy RELEASE Refocus Band:
To Buy RELAX Refocus Band:


For the Dad: "Do the Work" or "If You Want It, Go Get It"

Dad has enough ties and socks guys.  Time to gift something he doesn’t have and the RESOLUTE and RELENTLESS Refocus Band are the perfect fit for any pops.  He will be ready to conquer the 78 pieces he needs to put together for all the kids toys once he places a Refocus Band on his wrist.

To Buy RESOLUTE Refocus Band:
To Buy RELENTLESS Refocus Band:


For the Neighbor/Mail Carrier/Babysitter: "Actually, You Can" or "You Got This"

Not sure what to get the special people you aren’t exactly best friends with but see all the time? A Refocus Band is the perfect gift.  Each of the Refocus Bands is much like a fortune cookie and they will find positive meaning in any of them but start them off with two of our top sellers, the RECHARGE and REFUSE Refocus Band.

To Buy RECHARGE Refocus Band:
To Buy REFUSE Refocus Band:


For the Best Friend: "You’re Effin’ Brilliant" or "You’re One of a Kind"

Your sidekick deserves nothing but the best and giving them a constant reminder of how amazing they are is the best gift you could give.  The REMARKABLE and REDEFINE Refocus Band are two of our most confidence building bracelets and hold messages that your best friend needs to be reminded of each and every day.

To Buy REMARKABLE Refocus Band:
To Buy REDEFINE Refocus Band:
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