La Clé Product Round Up: The Break Up Pack

The best gift for anyone going through a break-up!

Cuffing Season? Heard of it? Yea, it’s a thing.  It’s that time of year when single people pair off in order to have someone to keep them warm with all winter (and Holiday) season long.  For some of us, that’s just not the case. Sometimes the Holidays are what make it obvious that a relationship is no longer working and a change is inevitable.  Queue the Break-Up Pack.

This curated collection of five Refocus Bands plus a special Break-Up Pack exclusive Band was made to help you or a friend conquer that not-so-enjoyable time post break-up.  Each band was picked with a mindset in mind to help cure any Holiday blues. How do we know what works? Cause a break-up is what made us come up with this product! It’s tried and true and definitely a gift that lasts well on to the next boyfriend or girlfriend.

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