How to Beat the Winter Time Blues!

The best way to beat the winter blues is to wear the best beanie in the game.

Anyone else feeling the effects of these shorter days? Even if you don’t have Seasonal Affect Disorder (when chemicals in your brain are affected by lack of sunlight) the winter blues can be a real downer.  That is why we have conjured up some simple tips to get you back to feeling your best self this winter.

Get Moving: It’s no surprise that exercise boosts your energy levels. We know it is tough to hit the gym when it’s 30 degrees out but your body and mind will be so happy you did.  Not a gym person? Bundle up and go for a walk or park farther away from the office or grocery store. Any little bit of movement helps when fighting the winter time blues.

Make Plans:  Staying in all the time with long nights can feel isolating. So, instead of hibernating like a bear make plans with friends, try out a new class or go out on date nights.  Whatever it is, make time for the things that you enjoy. Your mood will instantly be better when you have something to look forward to in the evening.

Home Sweet Home:  Make your home a place you want to be.  Nothing is more depressing than being stuck inside in a place that is well...blah.  Turn your living space into your little oasis that you love being in! Add some comfy blankets and yummy smelling candles.  Maybe even a plant or two to make the space feel inviting. Whatever it is, make your place a place you want to be and you will instantly enjoy the long nights that you are stuck inside.

Smell and Orange: Sounds crazy right? Well, some studies have shown that smelling an orange can reduce stress and improve your mood.  So, grab an orange for breakfast and start your day off with fighting off the winter blues (and colds).

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