La Clé's Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The best Valentine's Day Gift Guide and the cute Refocus Bands that are great for anyone special in your life!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than to share our favorite Refocus Bands that you can gift the special people in your life or treat your sweet self to as well!


“Practice Love”

We all could use a daily reminder to show a little more love to everyone in our lives and this is such a great message to gift on none other than Love Day!


“Choose Kindness Over Cool”

This message hits home for any age.  The sweet heart design flips over to show you a message to show Kindness no matter what the situation may be.  Everyone should wear this band, right?!


“Don’t Look Back”

For the person who may be flying solo this Valentine’s Day and needs a little nudge to keep their thoughts and vision towards their amazing future and not in the past (where they aren’t going anymore).  This Refocus Band is special since it only comes in our “Break Up Pack” which is our first collection of curated bands pulled together to help get anyone through a tough break-up. Click here to check it out:


“You Matter”

What a sweet gift to give your significant other, best friend or little one to remind them how much they mean to you.  This sweet message is better than any box of chocolates they will receive this year.


“You Are Good Enough”

YES! The perfect Refocus Band to gift yourself especially if you are flying solo this cupid obsessed holiday.  You deserve nothing but the best and you will find it! Wear this band as that daily reminder and go strut your stuff!

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