The KEY to Success.

The KEY to Success.

La Clé didn’t start out with Refocus Bands.  Nope! The company began with custom Key Necklaces!  You heard right! Deanna would hand craft each key by hand, hammering in the custom sayings and dipping on the colors each customer picked.  Guess what?! SHE STILL DOES!

The Key Necklace is designed solely by you through our online shop. You get to pick the type of key, the custom saying, the key color, and the necklace chain color.  So many ways to customize this item to be exactly what you want. It is such a perfect gift for someone special in your life and why not get one for yourself while you are at it!

This level of personal touch is something we take to heart and LOVE doing for you.  Tell us, what custom saying would you get on your Key Necklace?

Check out how to design one here:

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