La Clé’s Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about La Cle and the postivity bracelet, Refocus Bands, that is making them a household name.

We recently got back from a show in Atlanta where we get to talk to retail shop owners from across the country about Refocus Bands.  It is an amazing time to meet new people and share the mission of La Clé. After multiple days of telling our story we tend to find ourselves answering the same questions.  So here it is! The La Clé FAQ List.  

Where are you based out of? We are based out of Vienna, Virginia which is a suburb outside of Washington, DC. 

How long have you been in business?  La Clé is turning 7! The Refocus Band is a bit younger and turning 6 this year!

What are Refocus Bands made out of?  They are made out of a nylon/polyester (feels much like a thick hair band).

Can you get Refocus Bands wet? YES! The best part of the Refocus Band is that it can be worn day to day and during whatever activities you like best.  Much like a hairband, the more the Refocus Band gets damp and is taken on and off, it will begin to stretch out.  

Are Refocus Bands electronic? The Refocus Band is not electronic and it is up to you and your magical mind to flip your band when you need some positive thoughts.

Do you make custom Refocus Bands? YES! We do custom bands and you can find more information on them here:

How do you come up with the sayings? The phrases you find on the inside of Refocus Bands are often a product of quotes, movie or music lines and suggestions that Deanna finds.  The team takes in account current phrases/sayings and make sure we are offering a wide variety of powerful messages to help you throughout your day.

These are some of our most frequently asked questions but if you have any others comment below!