New Refocus Band for the New Year!


The mystery has been solved!  Each year over Black Friday and Cyber Monday we include a MYSTERY Refocus Band in every order.  It’s our little way of thanking you for your support of our small business and honestly just a fun way to keep things lively during all the madness!

This years MYSTERY Refocus Band was our REPAIR Refocus Band - “Everything Will Be Okay”.  Our last new Refocus Band of the year comes at a great time right before the Holidays and when this message might be needed the most (Holiday Blues anyone?).  This Refocus Band is a sweet reminder that no matter what happens, it will all work out and yes, everything will be okay.

That is it for all of our new designs this year and it was so fun making new designs and sayings that help keep you positive throughout the year.  We love to hear all of your ideas so please leave a comment below!