How To Get La Clé In Your Local Boutiques

How To Get La Clé In Your Local Boutiques

Ordering online is one of the modern marvels we can all get behind. Ordering new shoes at the click of a button? Yes please! (sorry bank accounts everywhere)

And even though it is super easy to shop from our site, wouldn’t it be even more awesome to see La Cle products and apparel in your favorite local boutiques? We think so. And we need YOUR help.

First, find your favorite local boutiques where you would love to see our action based accessories and apparel (this is the easy part)

Next, send an email to telling us why that boutique should carry La Cle products

Then, sit back and wait! We will take it from there and contact the boutique (and maybe even mention your awesome recommendation) to see about wholesale in their store!


Can’t wait to hear about the rad hometown boutiques of our awesome customers :)