Blogger Highlight: My Life as Maya

Blogger Highlight: My Life as Maya

Our customers are some of the most stylish people we know. Not just because they choose to include La Cle in their daily styling :) But they are just super savvy and stylish. Blogger Maya is one of them! The creator behind the blog My Life As Maya, she tackles fashion, trends, motherhood and more! But our favorite part about Maya is that she keeps it real. On her blog she says:

The more real I can be with my readers, the better. I want you to feel warmth when you read my blog, reassured, inspired, a sense of camaraderie. Life is way too short for anything other than happiness.

You go girl! We love and admire her authenticity and how she truly embraces our motto of Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.


Check out Maya’s blog below:

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