Introducing Our Second Unlocked Project 2017 Honoree: Noah Galloway

Introducing Our Second Unlocked Project 2017 Honoree: Noah Galloway

We are proud to introduce the newest honoree of the Unlocked Project 2017: Noah Galloway

Noah was drawn to serve after the events of 9/11. He joined the Army and was deployed as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. But during his second tour of duty in December 2005, tragedy struck. He was driving a Humvee in dangerous territory and drove over a trip wire for an IED. 

This caused Noah to lose his left arm an left leg above the knee among other injuries. After rehab and recovery he became withdrawn. Turning to smoking and drinking. Not working out and becoming more and more depressed. 

These hellish times led Noah to one night of realization, realizing he was more than his injuries. He has three children who look up to him and his story of perseverance can connect with others. 

Noah now spends his time traveling the country, participating in obstacle courses and motivating others on and off the course. He also attends events as a motivational speaker, hoping to share his story of resilience. He lives with No Excuses. 

Noah's limited edition band features this phrase "No Excuses" as a reminder that even during a moment of weakness, stay focused on your goals and live your life with no excuses. 

50% of the proceeds from Noah's band will benefit the No Excuses Charitable Fund to give back and raise awareness for organizations that do so much for our children and our veterans. 

Click here to get your band today!