From Grocery Store to Store Fronts: How Refocus Bands Got Their Start

A Hidden Motivational message to help your mindset every time you read your message.

Let me paint you a picture.  You walk into your local grocery store and head to the produce aisle.  What are you looking for today? Asparagus. No, you aren’t on a health kick but instead you need a small gift this vegetable possesses.  What you ask? Well, it has a small rubber band that keeps the stalks as one unit. Yes, while this may wreak havoc on the produce management staff, you just need that little rubber band. See, you have a big game coming up against your rival school and there is no better way to get motivated then writing a NSFW quote for your teammates to wear.  So, you slyly collect your asparagus bands, grab a Snickers for the road and quickly exit the building.

This isn’t just a tale I imagined.  This is actually how Refocus Bands originated.  Our founder, Deanna, used to “borrow” the asparagus bands from local grocery stores to write sayings on.  She would then gift them to her teammates while playing soccer in college. What started as a small gift of motivation for her team has now become a source of motivation for thousands of people.

The Refocus Band is after all a fairly simple concept, but you know what makes it so powerful? YOU! It’s always been the person wearing the band or bracelet that held the real motivation.  It’s your mindset that makes it either a bracelet or a powerful tool to accomplish your biggest dreams or goals.

It’s our hope that this powerful bracelet will help every person who wears it to feel fearless and capable of anything they set their mind to.  It’s our hope that this once, small asparagus band will become part of a mindset shift that everyone gets to partake in.

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