New Band Launch! You are One of a Kind...

The best inspirational bracelet gift to remind someone that they are one of kind!

Today we launch one of our dreamiest designs and its a message we wanted to tell each and every one of you...YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND! Like a rare unicorn, you are amazingly special and have gifts that no one else has. Wear your REDEFINE Band as a reminder that your uniqueness is the best part about you.

In honor of this band we wanted to list out 10 ways to be KIND to someone today.  It really is when we make others feel good that we can see all the good in us!. So, lets be one of a KIND today (and everyday)...

  1. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Nothing makes someones day more than knowing they are being thought about.  Even shooting a little text saying hi could mean the world.  
  2. Smile.  Is it sad that recommending a simple smile is actually advice?! Yes, it is.  We don’t do it often enough and this little gesture carries great power. You will be shocked how much positivity you get back when you greet everyone with a smile.  
  3. Hold the door for someone.  This may seem like another easy one and something you do often...but do you?  Make sure to be a good neighbor and hold the door next time you can.
  4. Pay it forward.  Has someone ever anonymously bought your coffee before? Ok, honestly don’t think it has happened to me but when I hear about it, it makes my heart leap! You can totally make someone's day by doing this little gesture.
  5. Send a card in the mail.  This card could be a thank you (which you should be doing anyway) or just a hello card.  I don’t know about you, but getting snail mail cards is one of the best gifts to receive.
  6. Don’t Gossip.  Take a whole day of not gossiping about anyone.  I mean anyone. If you hear someone being talked about say something nice about the person.  When we start talking nice about others, they start talking nice about you. It’s a win-win.
  7. Donate.  Anytime you hear donate you think you have to give away your family fortune but in actuality, just a few dollars can make a big change! Don’t have money to pass along? That’s totally ok.  Your time is very valuable and many organizations or charities would love to have you.
  8. Give a friend a hug.  Big ol’ bear hug style.
  9. Leave a note.  Write a little inspirational note and leave it somewhere to be found by a stranger, spouse or friend. It will surely put a smile on someone’s face when they find it!
  10. Let others be kind to you.  It’s not always easy to take help but just like the tips above, receiving kindness is just as important as giving it.  Just like karma, what goes around, comes around. SO BE KIND!

Hope you enjoyed these KINDness tips!  Go check out our newest band here: