Do the Work: 5 Tips for Being More Productive

When you need to do the work wear your motivational bracelet that flips to reveal the hidden message, Do the Work.

We know you have big goals and some days you are completing tasks left and right to get to those goals.  Other days? Not so much. Here are a few tips to being more productive that can help you DO THE WORK.

  1. Write down your to-do list: Save the energy you are using to remember your tasks and just write them down!  That frees up your head space to start tackling the first task.
  2. Turn off distractions:  There is no other time sucker than emails, phones ringing and other people walking into your office.  Set yourself up so that you are not distracted by new emails coming in (turn those notifications off) and the same goes for your phone.  Silence it (and throw it in a drawer). As for people, sometimes that can’t be avoided but finding a quiet space may be a signal to others that you have an important task to complete.  Basically, control what you can (technology) and create a quiet space for you to get your work done.
  3. Take breaks.  Sometimes the juices are flowing and it’s hard to slow down and that’s okay.  It is however important that you schedule breaks in your day.  You can go for a walk, listen to a favorite pick me up song or go get a fresh cup of coffee.  When you get back from your little break your mind will be fresh and ready to forge ahead. 
  4. Batch Process.  If you have routine tasks every day, Batch them!  Instead of interrupting other tasks with these routine ones, pick a time in your day to complete them.  Answering emails? Pick two times in your day that you answer emails. Returning phone calls? Do the same thing.  You’ll create a sense of rhythm for yourself and save other big chunks of time to finish larger tasks.
  5. Do the hardest thing first.  We have all been there.  Those big tasks that just seem so daunting that we push them off and complete other easier tasks first.  Suddenly the day is over and you never did that big task. So, then the next do the same thing. Well, it’s time you do your hardest task first.  You will feel such a sense of accomplishment when you knock out the one task that is looming over you!

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