Disconnect to Reconnect

 I love my technology. And I love my iPhone. I love the instant accessibility to information, my friends, the weather, Netflix, shopping, you name it I probably appreciate the heck out of it.

Now, I fully understand the argument that our society is lacking because of our newfound dependence on technology and having the internet at your fingertips. I get it. But I choose to look at the positive side of this digital age. We can use Facebook check-in to inform loved ones that we are safe during a natural disaster. We can be instantly informed of news updates directly to our phones, instead of waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper or the evening news. We can connect globally and watch in real time the events unfolding on the other side of the globe.

But with all great things, comes the need for moderation.

Which is why we need to dedicate time in our lives to disconnect from our tech obsession and minimize our screen time. The Reboot band is our wearable reminder to turn off, unplug, and walk away from these devices. Here are ways disconnecting can help you in your everyday life:

It can help you sleep better:

According to Sleep Foundation it is necessary  to limit our exposure to the light our devices emit because it promotes wakefulness. This light also stimulates our mental activity making it much more difficult to go to sleep. Light is an agent to signal it’s time to wake up! So, by continuing our exposure to light we are lessening our chances for a restful night’s sleep. Experts suggest giving yourself 30 minutes of device free time before hitting the hay. Instead of firing up your Kindle to read a book before bed, try a traditional paperback which is light free for a better night’s sleep.

You have better people skills:

This one might seem less obvious, but as a millenial I can attest to the lack of people skills plaguing my generation. Since we have the world at our fingertips from behind our smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. we don’t have to speak face to face. We might not have the phone call basics because we always send texts. By making a phone call or scheduling a coffee date instead of sending an email you are helping to refine and sustain your people skills.

You live more in the moment:

Now this one is kind of a given. By not having our noses in our phones we are aware of the world around us. We can quite literally stop and smell the roses. I try to make it a rule when I am out to dinner with friends that we keep our phones off the table and out of sight. That way you are truly invested in spending quality time with people you care  about. One fun trick to try at your next friend dinner or even work lunch is stacking all the phones in the middle of the table and the first person to cave and grab their phone has to pay the bill.