Share Your Story Feat. Kendall Westbrook

Share Your Story Feat. Kendall Westbrook

Isn’t it incredible what the simplest message can mean? You matter.

This concept initially began as a way to combat the negativity present in social media, a means to demonstrate and speak aloud the ways that someone positively affects our lives. For as much time as we spend on social media, so little of it is spent genuinely explaining to others how they have benefitted us just through their spirit and grace.

It expanded into the She Matters Movement - and the phrase “You Matter.” This is more than two simple words - it is a mantra to demonstrate your inherent value and worth. It is a reminder that your waist size or weight or body fat percentage are unrelated to your impact on the world. It is the foundation upon which you ground your self-love.

In a culture that teaches us from a young age that the smaller we are, the more value we have, the power of self-love cannot be understated. So many suffer from mental illness and believe that they’re alone in their struggles or that they don’t deserve to receive help. She Matters Movement was created to change this.

If you struggle with an eating disorder, a mood disorder, addiction, or anything else - you are deserving of help. If you are fighting a battle of any sort, you deserve to find joy and light and safety. This path takes many different forms for different people - but you are not alone in your fight. The world needs your voice, your light, your perspective. Never forget - you matter.

If you are struggling and need help - there are resources available at