Share Your Story Feat. Cameron Carr

How a motivational bracelet can make you refocus your thinking.

This month's "Share Your Story" featured guest blogger is our Summer Intern, Cameron Carr.  Enjoy!


Starting your freshman year of college can be an exciting but stressful time. Freedom comes with nervousness, especially when you head off to a college in another state. I was attending school at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio: five hours away from my home in Northern Virginia, and not knowing anyone. I was really looking forward to the care packages my mom had promised to send me and was happy when the first one arrived. And there it was in my first care package: my first Refocus Band! She gifted me the Revamp Band that says “Believe you can and you will.” The message was perfect for a college student who was trying to figure it all out.  After receiving the band, I didn’t take it off my wrist for months. Having this motivational reminder on my wrist everyday helped me get through my first semester of classes.  The next band I got was the Relentless Band, and to this day it is my favorite band. The message reads “If you want it go get it.” I wore the Relentless Band every day of sophomore year. Everyone complements my bracelets or asks what the quote is. My bands were attached to me at this point. 

During sophomore year, my mom brought it to my attention that La Clé was based in Northern Virginia. How perfect! I emailed them in the spring asking if they had any Summer Internship opportunities, and the rest is history. I’ve spent my summer swimming in Refocus Bands and “working” at La Clé. I’ve fallen even more in love with the bands and the message attached to the brand. Giving the bands to others who are having a difficult time, battling illnesses or those who just need a pop of color on their wrist has been great. There are so many designs and messages and appropriate for kids, tweens, teens, young adults, parents, guys and girls; there is a band for everyone. I have loved spreading the word about La Clé and will continue to do so even after my amazing internship ends.

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