A Bracelet to Ward Off Negative Thinking

A motivational bracelet that will ward off negative thinking.

Negative thinking is inevitable but it doesn’t have to be your default setting.  See, we get to choose our thoughts and when you have on your Refocus Band, you have a daily reminder to keep your thoughts positive.  Want in on some extra positivity? We pulled together some of our go-to SUPER positive bracelets below

Actually, You Can.  The RECHARGE BAND will give you that extra dose of confidence when you think you can’t tackle that big task ahead.  Spoiler Alert: YOU CAN!

You Are Capable of Amazing Things.  The REDISCOVER BAND is that nudge to inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough.  There is so much you are capable of and negative thinking has no place in that plan.

I Am The Storm.  The REASSURE BAND gives you a powerful phrase to remind you that you are strong beyond belief and much stronger than any negativity you are facing (or thinking).

You Matter.  The RELEVANT BAND is to remind you that you are important and it is your story and your voice that the world needs to hear.

You Got This.  The REFUSE BAND will keep you motivated and ready to go in any situation.  Honestly, this is a bracelet we constantly keep on because you can always use a hype guy in your pocket (or on your wrist).

Tell us, which one is your favorite go-to positivity saying?