La Clé Product Round Up: The Hotel-Motel Keychain

A hotel-motel keychain with feel good mantras perfect for your next gift!

We are more than just wristbands! We think you should always have positivity surrounding you and that’s why we have our accessories shop where we sell one of our favorite things...The classic Hotel-Motel Keychain! We have seven different variations, each with their own positivity charged saying.  Which one is your favorite?!

  • RED - Charming AF
  • ORANGE - Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You
  • TEAL - Good Company
  • ROYAL BLUE - Stay Chill
  • YELLOW - Effin’ Brilliant
  • WHITE - Be Original | Be You
  • BLACK - High Fives For Good Vibes

Want to shop the Hotel-Motel Keychain? Head here: