10 Inspiring Mantras for a Good Day

10 inspiring mantras for a good day and the motivational bracelet that can help.

We know how important self talk is (hello, Refocus Bands).  So, we wanted to share some of our favorite mantras that we like to incorporate into our daily routines, meditation practices or have as quick calming go-to’s.

New to Mantras? Totally Cool.  A great way to start is to first catch yourself saying "should" and replace it with one of these positive/self-loving mantras.  For example, if you find yourself saying “I should be stronger by now” instead say “I am strong”. It’s these little mental switches that add up over time and build your confidence.

10 Mantras for a Great Day:

1. I Am Worthy of Good Things.

2. I Let My Happiness Be Visible to Others.

3. I Am Strong.

4. I Choose to Be Happy.

5. I Am a Success.

6. I Am in The Right Place

7. I Believe in Myself

8. I’m Worth It.

9. I Love the Person I Am Becoming.

10. I am Grateful.

There are plenty more out there and we hope that you find one that speaks to you and allows you to grow confidently into the person you want to be.  Did you find one you loved on this list? Let us know and of course feel free to share with us any of your favorites!