THE RESOLUTION BANDS  "United we are stronger."

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  • THE RESOLUTION BANDS "United we are stronger."

  • $ 25.00

  • THE RESOLUTION BANDS  "United we are stronger."
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    ✌️ Two bands. Wear one and give one away. Share Your Focus and spread the positivity.


    In collaboration with National Women's Soccer League Players Association we bring to you The RESOLUTION bands. 

    Whether you're an NWSL player, staff member, coach, fan, or simply just love these Refocus Bands, we believe that UNITED WE ARE STRONGER. 
    The NWSL Players Association is committed to producing a world-class players on the field, and inspiring the next generation off the field. We believe in a collaborative approach, involving all facets of the league, including our fan base.That is our RESOLUTION. 
    50% of the proceeds from your purchase will go directly to the NWSL Players Association Fund to help us carry out our mission now and for years to come.

    We produce up to 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% of our thoughts are negative. REFOCUS BANDS allow you to be more mindful and take control of your thoughts by simply flipping the band every time a negative thought overpowers you. Every flip helps encourage a positive thought that guides your inner voice in the right direction. 

    Product Details:

    • Elastic blend material
    • Reversible band
    • Can be stretched to reach desired fit
    • Machine washable
    • 2 BANDS (Wear one, Share one)