Are you tired of the same old fundraising ideas year after year?

The reality is,  product fundraising has been on the decline for years because there has simply not been a multi dimensional product that can raise money but also inspires, bring together and incites a movement of positivity throughout your community. Unitl now… Did you know that the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day! 80% of those thoughts tend to be negative. The good news is that parents, coaches, bosses, mentors, and teachers can help change the balance toward the positive. By paying attention to how we communicate and understanding how we can become positive thinkers, we can improve our daily outlook and increase our happiness. Now more than ever we need to have a daily reminder to focus on the good.

Wear it, Flip it, Refocus. It’s that simple. Refocus Bands allow you to be more mindful and take control of your thoughts by simply flipping the band every time a negative thought overpowers you. With over 10 designs and messages to choose from, Refocus Bands are leading the way to leave a lasting impression on people’s wrists and remind people that the way we think MATTERS and directly affects the way we feel.

Our bands can also be customized with a message that aligns with your group to help motivate, inspire and empower your community. We can help you design a positive band that will help your group stay focused on their goals and serve as a reminder to be the best they can be all while reaching your fundraising goals.

Refocus Bands are a positive product with positive results.

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