The Unlocked Project: The Positivity Project

The Positivity Project Band collaboration with La Clé says Other People Matter

Just in time for back-to-school is our latest collaboration as part of our Unlocked Project with The Positivity Project.  The Positivity Project is a national nonprofit whose mission is to empower America’s youth to build positive relationships by partnering with schools across the country and equip educators with the training, strategy, and resources to teach their students positive psychology’s 24 character strengths like bravery, forgiveness, love and gratitude to name a few.

With support from celebrities like ESPN reporter, author and podcaster, Kate Fagan the Positivity Project is hoping to become a program every child gets to be a part of.  Kate says, “The formula that we’re teaching the next generation - that success = happiness - is backward, and the effect on our kids is profound. Our kids (and all of us) need to refocus on what truly matters; love, relationships...and OTHER PEOPLE.  That is what is at the heart of the Positivity Project (P2).” 

The Positivity Project designed the OTHER PEOPLE MATTER band as a reminder that when we get caught up in our own stories, or start to feel like outside metrics like social media are defining our self worth, we can look down and remind ourselves that relationships are what matter...that OTHER PEOPLE MATTER.

50% of the proceeds from the sales of this band will benefit The Positivity Project.  Shop for it now here:

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