Share Your Story: Emily

Share Your Story: Emily

Everyone has gone through trials and tribulations that has helped shape who they are or who they want to be. It takes time, determination, perseverance, and dedication but ultimately makes you stronger. You might have noticed on our Instagram posts and on our website that we use the hashtag #ShareYourFocus or #ShareYourStory. We want to hear your stories of failure and triumph or overcoming hardships to help inspire our awesome La Clé community. Also, this is a great way to show us how you incorporate your Refocus Bands into your daily practice of being more mindful.

We are starting off the Share Your Story project with wellness blogger and personal trainer Emily. Emily's story is relatable to most, always feeling like if you tried a little harder you would find the success you've been looking for. Whether it's a fitness goal, work promotion, fairy-tale relationship or enviable friendships, you feel like you could always do more. This perfectionism translated into a fitness obsession for Emily after an injury sidelined her fitness plan and resulted in weight gain. Since then Emily has taken steps to be more gracious and conscious of appreciating exactly where she is and knowing: things you have > things you want. 

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