Our Favorite Feel Good Tips

Our Favorite Feel Good Tips


Sometimes life just kicks you right in the stomach. Whether it’s bad news, a bad break up, or even a bad cold. But even when it feels like nothing else can go wrong (and then of course something goes wrong) you need to remember a little self-care. We are constantly pushing ourselves to be in GO mode and forgetting when to take it easy (cue Eagles song). Here are some of our favorite feel good tips for self-care:

Get in a good workout.

Breaking a sweat or even just going for a walk around the block gets those endorphins pumping and makes you feel better. Pick a workout you truly enjoy doing and it’s even better. Don’t forget to play some good music too!

At home spa time.

Go ahead and take that bubble bath, even throw in some epsom salt to really soothe your muscles. There are plenty of DIY face masks and skin scrubs out there on the internet, so take the time to relax and take care of your body.


The practice of meditation is one of the best ways to take care of yourself. It can be done virtually anywhere and can immediately make you feel more centered. Take just 10 minutes to really calm your mind and focus, then try to implement this into your daily routine to achieve more zen.

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