A Motivational Bracelet for Young Athletes

A motivational bracelet for young athletes.

The Refocus Band originated as a gift for Deanna’s women’s soccer team to wear to motivate them all season so, it’s safe to say, when it comes to sports and motivating teams...we’re all in!

La Clé has been thrilled to hand out REFOCUS BANDS to several young sports teams over the last month with the latest being our trip up to West Chester University to attend the charity Unite for Her Lacrosse Tournament.  The tournament benefited Unite for Her and brought together 27 lacrosse teams from all over for a day of fun and giving back. It was an honor for us to place a REFOCUS BAND inside each of the participants gift bags. It was amazing to see the girls faces light up when they saw their band and were sporting them all day!  The same reaction happened when we joined a girls youth soccer team to hand out our Mini Refocus Bands as a fun gift for the girls' hard work all season. They excitedly placed their bracelets on and screamed thank you at the top of their lungs (which totally made our day)!

See, these little motivational bracelets can do so much.  They can help you girls and boys learn to refocus any negative thoughts they are having at practice, or in class or at home.  They also can be a great way to help a team feel unified when everyone gets to throw on the same bracelet before games or all season.  We really think the REFOCUS BAND is the best motivational bracelet for young athletes to wear.

We can’t wait to see how all these girls do this season and hope their Refocus Bands provide as much positivity as it felt seeing them receive them!

Best Vibes,