Wear Your Label Key

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  • Wear Your Label Key

  • $ 30.00

  • Wear Your Label Key
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    Wear Your Label is a lifestyle brand that creates positive products to encourage conversations about mental health through fashion. La Clé has teamed up to create this special limited edition blue key necklace to serve as a healthy reminder to end the stigma of mental illness. 10% of the profits from this key are donated to mental health initiatives.  

    Visit Wear Your Label to learn more about their mission. 

    This limited edition key is NAVY BLUE and comes with a 30" silver ball chain necklace. 

    As the color of your key fades over time, it symbolizes the positive energy you've absorbed from your key words. Once the color of your key is completely gone you have the power to make a difference. take a picture of your #NakedKey and send it to us with a note about what your color/word means to you and La Clé Jewelry will make a donation in your name to a charity of your choice!