The Do Good Gang Brand Rep Program

The Do Good Gang









Thank you for your interest in joining The Do Good Gang Rep Program. 

The Do Good Gang has been established to:

  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Further our image with quality photos consistent with our brand image
  • Build our brand’s hashtags with regular posts

Requirements for our brand rep program are as follows:

  • Follow us on all social media channels:
  • Post regular photos featuring our products to social media. We would like least 1-2 images per month depending on how often you currently post overall – the more shares the better. 
  • Photos should be crisp, clear and well lit. Be creative with your images and try different angles, locations, and framing for the shots. Consider using photo editing apps VSCO, SNAPSPEED or STUDIO but please be sure to keep photos edits consistent with our brand style.  
  • Please tag all product photos with @ShopLaCle with hashtags such as #ShareYourFocus, #WhatsYourColor, #RefocusBands etc., depending on the item featured in your post.
  • Refer people to our brand whenever possible by recommending our brand and tagging us in a comment. (e.g. Do they love positive vibes? Let them know how cool our products are! Are they wearing another brand? Mention how happy you are with our products!)
  • Keep posts clean. Avoid vulgar, rude, inappropriate comments and profanity.

In exchange, we will begin by sending you 2 Refocus Bands of your choice. We will continue to send items from time to time for you to rep if we feel you are consistently promoting our brand in the best way possible.

If you have any questions about our brand rep policies, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To officially be considered to join our DO GOOD GANG please provide the following information in an email and send to:

Full Name:



School you are currently attending (if applicable):

Instagram Handle:

Twitter Handle:

Facebook Page:


*Question: How do you plan to do more good this year?