La Clé Designer Deanna Saracino

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario - Canada. Deanna played a lot of soccer that landed her south of the border to that other cool capital of Washington D.C.

During her soccer career, Deanna was known for making people laugh, lifting moral and leading by example. From a young age, she was always making unique and special gifts for her teammates like necklaces, rubber bands bracelets, custom t-shirts and headbands. She loved making things that sparked a positive mental shift and encouraged others to have a good attitude, work hard and strive to be your best. 

After her playing days were over she transitioned into the role of professional soccer coach, teaching and inspiring young players about the game. Deanna has been a mentor and role model for young girls for over 15 years. 

Off the field in 2015, Deanna set out to work on her life long dream of creating a brand with a purpose. She created La Clé to bring to life her ideas of creating products that people can wear as a reminder to stay positive. Her goal to create a line of "action-based" accessories and apparel was developed. As she continues to develop her brand the products she designs are to be worn and interacted with as a healthy reminder to consciously focus on the positives in yourself and the people around you. She believes the key to your personal journey is to love yourself by making positivity and generosity part of your daily growth strategy.   

Deanna is constantly working with and discovering amazing charities & companies that impact individuals on the ground level and make a difference in the world. She created The Unlocked Project as a way to connect with inspiring people with a story to tell and charity to help.