Get to Know the Team Series: Holiday Traditions with Deanna

Get to know the owner behind La Clé the motivational brand bringing you the Refocus Band with a hidden message to make each day better.

The most important part of our mission is to build a community with YOU! That is why we are going to be sharing about our teams Holiday Traditions! First up, Deanna...

Team Member: Deanna Saracino, Founder and Designer

What were your family Holiday Traditions growing up? I come from a big italian family! My mom hosted Christmas Eve dinner for 25 years. I have some of the best memories of both sides of my family getting together, laughing, eating amazing food and singing Christmas Carols and going to midnight mass. 

What traditions do you have now? Now that I am older and have a family of my own, things are a little different. We trade off going to Canada to visit my family and going to Tennessee to visit my husbands family. It's always filled with family, fun times and great food so I feel very lucky. 

 What is the best gift you've ever gotten? Most memorable present ever was a Casio Keyboard. I was 7. I wasn't expecting it. I kept ripping the paper a little each day to see if I could figure out what it was. I was super surprised. I think the best gifts are the ones that are a complete surprise but that you know people are going to really appreciate. 

 What is the best gift you've ever given? I like to think I am a pretty awesome gift giver. I try to make it personal and meaningful. I like to put a lot of thought into gifts for my daughter to make things super memorable. I like to make things. One year I made her a jewelry box with a key and she really loved that. 

 Any funny Holiday mishaps? Not really, but a little fun fact I learned how to juggle when I was 10 for my Family Christmas Even party. I made a whole routine to music and everything. I put a hat out to take tips for my talents. 

 Have you ever had a White Christmas? I'm Canadian! Every single year it was a white Christamas growing up. TOO MUCH snow in fact! I love the snow though, doesn't feel like Christmas without it. Snow is legit magic. 

 Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider? Apple Cider with a splash of Fireball ;)

What are some of your Holiday Traditions?! Tell us below!

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